Wednesday, March 1, 2017

FNBC Big Meeting / Family Homecoming

FNBC 140th Anniversary

December 15th - Grub & Gong Show
December 17th - Anniversary Worship/FNBC Polo Shirt Sunday

Gong Part 1
Gong Part 2


FNBC Big Meeting /Family Homecoming

A Note From History. . . 

Southside Sentinel, 1970

Homecoming is an event that is heavily steeped in tradition. African-American church homecomings developed in response to the great migration of African Americans from the rural south to the urban north in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Called “Big Meeting” in some communities, the church homecoming provided a way to maintain a connection to one’s southern roots. Vacations would often be planned around this time and event and it was not unusual for persons to take off the entire week of homecoming to attend Sunday services and stay for revival.

11:00 a.m. Special Start of The Day..........
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Response to our search from Fred Morton:
Rev. Epheus A. Moss- FNBC 26th Pastor, 1923-1925

11:00 a.m. - Saturday, September 2, 2017
First Nazareth Baptist Church - Lady Street Entrance


12:00 Noon - The Fun Begins
A Perfect Time for Family Reunions!


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Daughter of Our Own Deacon Seabrook Reed

Book Fair Coordinator Rev. Mary Jane Bryant

We Have Scott Cousins Coming from Atlanta, GA
Mother & Son

Stephanie Kirkland
Charlotte, NC with Lower Richland Connections


Marie Barber Adams & Deborah Scott Brooks

Lower Richland County Connections


Top Right: Dr. Bobby Donaldson  - USC Associate Professor of History and lead historian for the Columbia ‘63 Project

We May Find More Kin Folk Right Here At BIG MEETING!


English & Naomi Simons and Sons, 1921 ~ Photo Courtesy of  Lois Simons Benson

To honor our ancestors we must know them. Warren Wider is coordinating a series of genealogy presentations about our early South Carolina ancestors. Various family historians and researchers are the highlight of this reunion.

Once We Know Our Ancestors – We Know Our Kin

See you at the 

South Carolina Family Reunion 2018!

For Additional Reunion Information Please Contact: 
Facebook:  2018 South Carolina Reconnect Reunion 
Committee Chairman Call: 804-350-9498

Submitted by:
 Konnetta Simons Alexander, Planning Committee Secretary

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"When All God's Children Get Together...what a time!" 


Looking for The Best Quartets in South Carolina!

Gospel Quartet Talent Contest 

1st - 2nd - 3rd Cash Prizes!

Token Gift for Each Member of Contest Quartets


Winner Selected by Audience Votes
Enter Contest
Stack the Odds by Bringing Friends!


Looking For Contestants
2 lb Bag of Adluh Flour Advanced for the First 20 Entrants
After Judging -- Guests Get Samples

Award Winning......
Prices will be as low as $5.00 and the highest will be $11.00
Credit Cards Accepted

Also: Prize Redemption Station for Arcade & Yard Games

Penny Roll Table - 1 Cone per Roller!

Youth Zone
Eleven Years Old Pro
Justin "DJ Mac" McClary


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Don't Miss The Surprise!

The W.H. Neal Little Singers Reunion Choir 
Photo Above - 1971
Cultural Expressions 

More Entertainment to be Announced
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Stay Tuned - More To Come - Updated 8/01/2017


Some History & Other Notes

Recipe: In large wooden barrel, add and stir well water, sugar, squeezed lemons and moonshine.  Next add two blocks of ice. Replace top on barrel and load on back of truck. Be sure to have several additional blocks of Ice  -best covered in burlap. Be sure to have ice shaver on hand.  Park  truck under rear shade tree.

During St. John Baptist’s Turn Out (maybe known to others as “Big Meeting”) there were several cars parked on the right side of the church, side-by-side, with rears facing the church, and trunk hoods lifted. But, there was always one green pick truck parked in the rear of the church, left side, facing forward. As a young child, the author noticed that only males, one or two at a time, walked to the truck, and were greeted by Git. The gentlemen would disappear to the rear of the truck, along with Git, for a few moments and reappear with a paper cup, jelly or mason jar. Git would return to the front of the truck and assume his normal leaning position near the truck hood.
Being curious, this author sneaked closer and overheard one male patron finish a large gulp from his cup with a "Mmm-Ahh; good lemonade." Being extremely thirsty, I rushed over to my grandmother, Momma Neal  (Minne Holley Neal 1880-1965) --who was busy piling, one-on-top of the other, spoonfuls of macaroni & cheese, potato salad, fried chicken, 4 layer jelly cake, and "God Bless You's" to the congregants in line. A request for permission from grandma to get lemonade received directions to go to the brown station wagon of a certain female member of the Usher Board. My mistake, at that point, was clarifying my intent to get lemonade from the green truck at the back of the church. Momma Neal was quite jovial and she then gave a sneaky chuckle which quickly turned into a solemn face and stern instructions — "No, that's men-folks' lemonade." Later observations of men folks who made multiple trips to Git's green truck included the fact that the men often had an assortment of new walks: Slower, side-ways, 3 steps forward/1 step back, and an indescribable sway. 

The best way to get understanding as a child is to be still and know...that is while among church ladies when they conduct after-the-event gossip.  There were statements that included “old rusted still back in the woods, on the banks of the creek near Bluff Road, " and  “white lightning,” and "shameful," and "but it does make for a good medicine for stiff bones."   The last statement was followed by a whole lot of laughter that is best described as Cackling!
"Hoe Cake vs. Stove Top Bread and Other Recipes from Down Home" D.S. Brooks
Speaking of pivotal church activities… Revival preparations at St. John Baptist Church were extremely busy.  The church had to be “white glove” clean since folk from other communities would be attending. Even children had cleaning duties.  The girls swept and the boys brought every pew outside for a thorough scrubbing.  Once, the boys sneaked off to the creek for a skinny dip.  They heard the giggles of the girls getting closer and scampered from the creek to hide  --all except Uncle Avery “Abe” Neal.  The girls finally left with refilled water buckets and the boys ran back to the creek in a panic.  They jumped in yelling for Abe, fearing he drowned.  Suddenly the clothed-soaked boys heard whistling from the opposite creek bank.  There stood a “stark-naked” Abe, the accomplished swimmer, leaning against a tree and laughing!  

The Columbia Star -Plowing, Praying, Paying Dues, and Combating Poison: 
The story of a Lower Richland family  Part 3. The Staying Power of the Church - By: D.S. Brooks


"Scott" Relative Derryl Wilson (back row/blue shirt)
Dances with Cultural Expressions